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Annabel Logan

Summary: Annabel Logan is a sophomore at Northbrook University. Though she grew up in a suburb of Portland, OR, she has made the small town of Morgan City, TX. Though she is gifted in a number of ways, including an eidetic (photographic) memory, she is also cursed. Her whole life she has struggled with horrific nightmares that appear to come true. Her true curse is not only in convincing others to accept the reality of these dreams, but coming to grips with the depth of her own power.

Truth is her only weapon against an increasingly dangerous world, and she's still learning how to use it.

Character: Annabel is often considered quirky by her friends and family. She's highly intellectual and not completely comfortable in her own skin. She loves all forms of science and literature, and creates art in her spare time. Perceptive and honest (to a fault), she is capable of great depths of understanding and emotion, which only magifies the pain of her knowledge.

A true introvert, she prefers a quiet night alone with a book to an outing at the club or noisy parties. This naturally presents a challenge as she's thrust into the center of a group that needs her. It won't be long until her abilities and her character are tested. Only she can turn her tragic past and hard life to be her greatest strength.

Caleb Wray

Summary: Caleb Wray is a quiet drifter who put down roots in the small town of Morgan City, TX. He and Rae met through a mutual aquaintance named Edgar, and he's been a member of her small group of supernatural investigators ever since. He shares a sense of responsibility and gravitas with Rae, but his need for action often puts him more in line with Gaby's shoot first, shoot second, then maybe action questions third attitude.

He wears long sleeves and attempts to hide the burns that cover over a quarter of his body. He doesn't always hide it well, and it's obvious that he's the victim of a major accident. But there are more types of pain than his scars can show, and they are even harder to hide. His determination and willingness to put himself immediately in harm's way is a defining factor of his entire current existence.

Character: Caleb has a kind of inexplicable energy that he's always burning off. He works a very physically taxing job as a loader at a warehouse. He studies a variety of martial arts and works out even after eleven hour shifts at the dock. In his free time, he likes to play video games on his small apartment TV. He doesn't have a lot of formal education, but he has collected a lifetime of skills and trades that serve him well on a daily basis.

Gaby Reyes

Summary: Gaby Reyes is a mysterious woman with a complicated past. But this doesn't make her a complicated person to talk to. She speaks plainly, honestly, and brutally, and in this she and Annabel often find themselves outside of normal human interaction.

As the only girl in a family of uncountable brothers, uncles, and cousins, she learned the hard way how to take care of herself. She is naturally graceful and had a long career as a dancer before being set on the path of investigating supernatural phenomenon, but no one in Morgan City is more dangerous with a firearm, especially a rifle.

Character: Gaby, like Caleb, doesn't rely on psychic powers to do her job. Her chosen life was brutally taken from her in a tragic attack, and she has vowed not only to never be a victim again, but to protect anyone else who could potentially become one. She doesn't suffer ignorance of the supernatural, and insists on giving people the strength to fight back: whether they want it or not.

Rae Lei

Summary: Rae Lei manifested as a psychic at a very young age, and spent most of her youth coming to terms with the fact she could hear the unspoken thoughts of her friends and family. In a strict household that valued academic achievement over all else, she found ways to excel in spite of the knowledge that her most secret failures would be on the minds of everyone who loved her. This gave her a unique perspective on privacy, honesty, and respect.

After a long and difficult fight with her family, she finally reconciled with them with a successful career as a rare book dealer in a college town. She sells novelties that she knows people are looking for, and is capable of sourcing rare information from arcane bits of lore and legend. This gives her the unique ability to research the supernatural characteristics of her town, which seems to attract a high number of odd occurences.

Character: Rae was given the nickname of "quiet storm" by her family. She was often very polite and courteous, but would defend her values and her friends to the death. It was this devotion that lead her parents to finally accept her choice to be her own woman, and not pursue a career in medicine or continue her lifelong training as a pianist: perfect pitch being the upside to her psychic curse.